What Glasses Should I Wear For Gaming?


If you are a serious gamer, you should make eye health a top priority. Wearing a good pair of gaming glasses will protect your eyes from blue light while playing your favorite games for that get from new Strobe Sport offerings. A good pair of gamer glasses should be UV-400 rated to block harmful UV rays. Besides, you should look for orange lenses that can reduce blue light exposure by 65%.

Amber lenses reduce blue light exposure by 65%

Amber lenses are an excellent choice for gamers who need a bit of added protection from blue light. They reduce blue light exposure by 65% and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. They also help reduce screen glare. These lenses also help to reduce eye strain and headaches.

Unlike clear lenses, amber lenses block blue light better than clear ones. The deeper the tint, the more blue light they block. But if you do want to keep your eyes as clear as possible, you may want to avoid clear lenses. They may not be as effective as tinted lenses.

UV-400 rated gaming glasses block harmful UV rays

UV-400 rated gaming glasses can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays from your screen while you play games. They are made from UV-treated polycarbonate and have anti-reflective and anti-scratch lenses. These lenses block more than 86 percent of harmful UV rays and blue light. In addition to protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays, these glasses can also improve your sleep quality and reduce the risk of eye fatigue.

UV-400 rated gaming glasses also protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Some of them have photochromic lenses which change color according to the brightness of the light. These lenses are helpful if you play games outdoors, but you should also consider wearing them when playing games indoors. Also, look for an anti-glare coating for your gaming glasses if you play games in front of a window.

Gunnar Opitks onyx gaming glasses are FDA approved

Whether you are an avid gamer or just want a stylish pair of gaming glasses, Gunnar has you covered. Their gaming glasses are FDA-approved and come with a microfiber pouch, cleaning cloth, and protective pouch. Additionally, they come with a one-year warranty and 30-day return policy. They are made to be comfortable, look great on both men and women, and are available in many color combinations.

These glasses are also remarkably effective in blocking 65% of harmful blue light and 100% of UV light. This prevents eye strain and reduces the chances of cataracts. It also improves vision and helps the wearer get a good night's sleep. The lenses in these gaming glasses are made from amber material, which reduces haze and graininess and reflects natural light.

Uvex orange lensed gamer glasses are a smart choice

Uvex orange lensed gamer sunglasses have several advantages. First, they block out 90 percent of high-energy blue light, allowing you to see the full picture on your screen. Some gamers worry that these glasses will distort their graphics, but the team behind the glasses worked hard to keep the picture clear. They also optimized the tint for the best possible viewing experience.

Another advantage of Uvex orange lensed gamer sunglasses is their stylish design. The frames are ergonomically designed and feature blue-light filtering lenses. They are water and splash-proof. They also help reduce eye strain and headaches.

Horus X gaming glasses have anti-reflective coating

Unlike other sports glasses, the Horus X gaming glasses feature a special anti-reflective coating, which prevents glare and halos on the screen. The glasses are also fog and oil-resistant, and they have an ergonomic design for comfortable wearing. They also block up to 86% of harmful light and are 100% UV-ray-blocking.

Gaming glasses are important for protecting your eyesight. They help to block out harmful blue light and reduce the risk of headaches and dry eyes. These glasses are also beneficial for those who spend most of their day in front of the computer or the TV. They reduce eye fatigue and can even help you sleep better.

The Horus X game glasses come with a professional filter that reduces glare on the screen. In addition to this, they protect your eyes from UV rays and protect your eyes from eye strain. Moreover, they have a thin frame and are comfortable to wear alongside your headphones. These glasses can provide you with the best gaming experience possible.