Diving Into Clutch Repair

One of the most integral parts of a vehicle is the clutch, it’s the key component that connects the engine to the gearbox. If the clutch gets damaged, a vehicle will not move as the engine’s power is not being transferred to the wheels. Being an integral moving part, a clutch goes through a lot of wear and tear over its lifespan. Driving on hilly roads or during peak hour traffic you might accelerate the wear of the clutch plate. So it’s good to check whether your clutch needs replacement soon.

Here are some signs to know when to replace a car clutch

When to Replace Car Clutch? – Grinding noise

If you can hear the grinding or growling noise when the clutch pedal is pressed or squealing noise while releasing then it may be a sign of a worn-out clutch or a bad bearing. If you don’t stop driving even in this condition then it can lead to more damage to the clutch as well as other moving parts. Change the clutch as soon as possible.


If you release the clutch pedal very fast, you may feel shaky which is known as shuddering. While driving at low speeds if you feel shaky then there’s a fault in the clutch system. There are chances of water entering the system while driving through a flooded road. The water will go away after some distance but if the issue continues then check it with a mechanic. Other causes of shuddering can be a misaligned engine and transmission, the friction plate in the clutch isn’t working properly, or worn-out engine mounts.


Slippage is a sign to replace a car clutch. It’s easy to detect slippage if your vehicle’s RPM keeps on increasing without even an increase in the speed or it may accelerate slowly. This will happen if the clutch plates don’t provide adequate traction and power from the engine.

Hard gear shifts

Though you have checked the clutch thoroughly and you’re still using extra force to slot the gears, then there is something wrong with the clutch. Sometimes the issues can be fixed by making minor adjustments or some parts will need replacing.

Before knowing when to replace a car clutch, you should also know what all components are required to be changed. Today’s modern vehicles clutch plate easily lasts 1 lakh km in optimum conditions. If you don’t drive smoothly in a regular rush hour or hilly terrain then replacement is needed.

If you’re experiencing hard shifts then it could be due to a leak, this is possible if your vehicle comes with a hydraulic clutch. The leak can be detected easily and you no need to change the whole clutch assembly. 

If your vehicle is shuddering then replace the clutch friction assembly which should cost the same as the clutch assembly. The grinding noise can be fixed by changing the settings of worn-out ball bearings, but the transmission must be separated from the engine.